Korean Language Training Courses – Extracurricular activities for your staffs


         Step from the purpose to create team work, help your staffs to exchange & improve knowledge, relax and have the good feel about your working environment, I’ve researched & given out some ideas suggestion about extracurricular activities for your staffs. And here I would like to talk about Korean Language Training courses.

I. Korean Language Training Courses

1. The Purpose and Effectiveness of organizing the KOREAN LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION COURSES:

• Create a motivation and learning spirit for SMBL employees. Meeting the demand of employees to learning, practice and improving Korean language of SMBLers.
• Make specific effect in communication in internal company, with partners and customers. Well-communication is one of basic steps to build a professional company model which contribute added-value to the organization’s overall goals. A professional working environment is the best way to retain The Talent, remove of depressed thoughts, wanting to quit the job of employees.
• Have a good opportunity to interact with Korean language and culture – one of the most popular culture in Vietnam. Enhance the union spirit in the company. It is also the chance to help employees – bosses, employees – employees understand each other, close together, build a harmony, friendly working environment.
• Despite of not a main reason, this is a opportunity for us to learn a language that is becoming more popular not only in Vietnam but also in other countries. It is also a chance to equip ourselves with a new language, confidently behave or experience Korea food (Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Ddukbokkie, soju…), Korea beautiful places (Jeju Island, Seoul – Korea capital city, Haeundae beach – Busan, Seoraksan National Park, Gyeongju…) if you have the opportunity to travel to Korea. Loving Korea culture – people – food so there will not any reasons to leave a Korean company.

2. Disadvantages of organizing a Korean communication course after office hours and Remedy

• Studying after office hours can make members feel tired or not strong enough to learn that lead to stress and bored psychological.
• There are some members have to be missed studying because there is urgent work so they have to do overtime. If it happen frequently, they will get loss of learning efficiency.
• Bring into comparision, studying at SMBL – being taught by SMBL staff, and being taught by the professional teachers from any below Korean Centres, then learning from by the professional teachers from any below Korean Centres is more expensive (detail in below table).
• When organizing classes, there should be strict regulations for everyone to comply with, in order to achieve high efficiency for the purpose of the course.
• Need to arrange study time and work scientifically. Seriously implement all Manager’s instructions.
• It is important to consider the cost and effectiveness to choose the most successful Korean language training.


Teacher is your Korean staffs and location class is own your company.

  • 18:00 – 19:30, Monday and Friday every week (02 times per week)
  • Learning time total Estimate: 06 months
  • Expected starting time: 17Apr2017
SMBL Seminar Room
  • Electricity, water charges
  • The charges for Korean Staff who teaches us
The reason to learn on Monday and Friday every week:

  • The first working day after 2 weekend days, our working spirit is high, not tired, low pressure and fatigue so work and study often achieve high effect.
  • Have time to revise and rehearse lessons at home from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • Studying on Friday is a good time to review old lessons and get new knowledge after that spending two weekend days to revise everything.
Teacher: Ms.Ji  Young, Ms. Soo Rin or Ms. Noh (If Ms. Noh is available)


  • They are Korean. Their pronunciation, intonation and grammar is perfect. When learning any foreign languages, pronunciations – intonations – grammars and vocabulary are all first important and important factors in achieving optimal results in using that language.
  • Bring gradually Korean culture to the SMBL environment to create a balance between the two Korean -Vietnamese cultural through Korean with subtitle videos, short films to introduce culture, food, beautiful places about Korea or right through teachers’s communication and sharings. This is one of the best ways to learn vocabularies effectively, not boring, not mechanically, not passive or to not misunderstand the meaning of Korean homonyms.
  • Learning systematically and practicing with native speakers is one of TOP’s most effective language learning methods.
  • Maximum cost savings for the company. The lowest cost, but the highest efficiency.
Advantages, disadvantages and ways to overcome


  • Being taught with hearty passion from SMBL teachers.
  • Save training cost.


  • Teachers easily get depressed if they do not really have the spirit of positive teaching that leading to effectless and objectionable lectures.
  • Lack effective of teaching and organization which easy to make members get tired, resistive learning and to not have effective learning leading to put off class indefinitely.
  •  Have to payment plan for Korean staff teachers.
  • It takes Korean staffs’ time when they have extra work or too much work. Although Korean is their mother tongue, it takes time to build systematic lectures to lose the least power and achieve the best effect.

The ways to overcome Disadvantages


  • Thoroughly grasp right from the first step when building a course with a spirit of learning seriously and actively.
  • Teachers should be serious, enthusiastic, active with their duties. At the same time, there is a need for highly practical tests to check members’ abilities and help them improve their Korean language skills. It is possible to add the form of emulation points, small gifts for hard – working members to motivate them.
  • Members should be serious, hard-working, studious.
  • Need to have payment schedule for Korean Staff teacher reasonably.
  • Teachers need to learn and practice basic pedagogic major.

Tobe continued…


Source: meovatdoisong.net

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